Adventures in Podcasting
Adventures in Podcasting

My adventures in Podcasting began last September and the learning curve has been nice and steep ever since. So far, I have had ten outstanding guests, all of whom, in my opinion, are true Consciousness Expanders. These recordings generally hover around 40 to 45 minutes, are full of information and feature what each person is doing to positively impact our community.

There’s one podcast in which I’m interviewed on the subject of Meditation and I’m starting a short series of ten podcasts that should each be under five minutes. These podcasts are on the subject of Consciousness, they started February 15th and will continue to be broadcast each 15th of the month, going forward, until done. The specific subjects are:

  • February 15th, What is Consciousness?
  • March 15th, Everything is energy
  • April 15th, How conscious am I?
  • May 15th, The shift of 2012
  • June 15th, What is holding me back?
  • July 15th, The Ego
  • August 15th, The six major Earth systems
  • September 15th, Ways to expand Consciousness
  • October 15th, Meditation
  • November 15th, The Devine plan


On the first of each month, I will continue to feature Consciousness Expanders in our community. The ones that have been launched and the upcoming ones can all be listened to, downloaded or copied from my website at: They are also available on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Youtube, Google and iTunes.