MP Leona Alleslev Invites Pre-Budget Consultations for 2018

less than 1 minute



The Government of Canada has launched pre-budget consultations and they are looking to residents, business owners, local organizations and non-profits to provide ideas and suggestions on what our families, community and country need to face the future with confidence.

The government is focused on growing the economy and providing support to the middle class and those working hard to join it. 

MP Leona Alleslev is inviting all residents, business owners and non-profit organizations in Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill to submit their ideas and suggestions online through the Ministry of Finance’s website at  and/or to her office at [email protected].

There are 4 specific surveys

  1. Progress for the Middle Class
  2. Economyof Tomorrow
  3. Lifelong Learning
  4. Gender Equality

..... and the opportunity to submit your own ideas.

Please feel free to share this information within your networks.

The government needs the input of all Canadians on how we can strengthen our country together.

MP Leona Alleslev looks forward to hearing from you to ensure we work together to achieve a Budget 2018 that positions our community and our country to succeed now and in the future.