Connecting the Community ~ Cross Sector Collaboration

What is ‘Connecting the Community’?

Connecting the Community (CTC) is an initiative which fosters a sense of community by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to share information, and promote charitable and other events.  Success and well-being comes from a vibrant and diverse community of people, organizations and businesses.

The group meets weekly on Tuesday mornings at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. People who attend are from all sectors of the community – community groups, social services,  business (from financial sector to alternative health practitioners), entrepreneurs,  the arts, faith groups, education, environmental causes, the  political realm, young people launching out, those transitioning, older adults looking to give back. Some people have lived in the area for many years and others are relatively new, its members’ roots span the globe.   People come to find out what good things others are doing, and to receive support for their own initiatives.

At the meeting, people sit around a large table and pass around information on events they are promoting, and/or business cards.  Marj Andre (the owner of introduces each person, emphasizing their community involvement.  The meetings focus on collaboration and support.  Many informal meetings, conversations and relationships have evolved from CTC, and members have supported many good causes both local and global.  

Relationships are further developed at community events.  One example is Going Out to Eat (GOTE), a monthly coming together of CTC members at different local restaurants for the purpose of having good dinner conversations.   Events at RHCPA and other venues around town will frequently have a group of people from CTC.  Members are connected to each other and town events through the e-newsletter and Marj Andre’s efforts to “weave a stronger social fabric”.

Requirements of being part of CTC:

  • Agreeing to have your contact information shared
  • Primarily focusing on community interests, rather than promoting a business
  • Being respectful of fellow participants
  • Be willing  to celebrate each other’s achievements
  • Promoting and the RHCPA
  • Any solicitations at Connecting the Community meetings, for cash or other donations, must be pre-approved by Marj.

Connecting the Community’s Mission, Vision, Strategy and Future Development


To connect and engage all sectors of the Richmond Hill community.


To have an engaged and collaborative community.


To regularly bring people together by providing the means and opportunity to meet, discuss, support, clarify and address issues of common concern.

Future development

Primary Objectives

  1. To identify sectors of the community which are not engaged, including various cultural groups and new immigrants, and offer them the opportunity to be part of Connecting the Community.
  2. To create an open source local promotional opportunities resource guide.
  3. To increase awareness of the benefits of participation.

Secondary Objectives

1. To provide a Connecting the Community summit in which collaborative efforts are acknowledged and celebrated, information about the local community is shared, and future endeavours are discussed.

2. To inspire other communities to establish their own Connecting the Community.

Connecting the Community