Crazy Networking - excellent opportunity to make business connections
Crazy Networking  - excellent opportunity to make business connections

A different method of networking has been implemented that concentrates on the real reason you attend a networking group, then there are Surprises, Prizes and Fun. The result - business connections beyond reason.

Crazy Networking - our methods may be crazy, but our results are not! - is the motto for this event

Are you open to trying something new, fresh, fun and productive?

There are NO:

  • Annual Membership Fees Attendance Requirements Referral Requirements
  • Please bring:
  • Your Smile
  • A Friendly, Positive, Open Attitude
  • Lots of Business Cards - about 50, just in case
  • A specific request that the group can help you with right now
  • $20.00 per person for the event charge (exact change is appreciated)

It is suggested that:

  • Come early - (doors open at 9:15am - meeting starts at 9:45 am sharp)
  • Bring your clients, friends and associates
  • You have additional time after the event to meet with your new connections and begin to build your relationship
  • You do not miss this monthly event so you will build relationships more quickly. There are over 1,000 members!
  • You may want to plan on staying for lunch with your new found business connections!

For more information please contact Garry Adams

Location: Montana's
                8735 Yonge Street

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