Becoming your DSLR's Soul Mate ~ a 2 day photography workshop offered by West Photo
Becoming your DSLR

Photography can be one of the greatest pastimes.

What other hobby provides a person with the challenge to capture the beauty that is all around us but that we sometimes overlook.

What other hobby allows us the possibility to create your best photo but then the challenge to create a better image tomorrow.

And what other hobby forces us to see the art in things we see everyday and the ability to show this creative vision to ourselves, and our friends.

David West has been asked over the past few years to share his knowledge with other photographers and has organized a series of photography workshops. These workshops are generally 2 evenings in length, and cover topics aimed at beginners who are just starting in photography all the way up to serious amateurs who are already talented but want to refine that talent and take their photography to the next level.

This Advanced Course is offered Tuesday March 26th and Thursday March 28th 7:00 – 9:30PM

Cost: $140+HST

Intermediate Course, DSLR Camera, Laptop Computer with imaging software, have a desire to create artistic photography

Course Outline
This course is designed for serious amateur photographers. We will discuss Photography as Art and speak about how to assess a photograph’s artistic appeal.
We will also cover more advanced composition principles
and further learn about digital image manipulation.
Flash Photography
, which I think might be one of the hardest concepts for photographers to master, will also be introduced. We will offer an opportunity for students in the class to have some of their select work critiqued. At the end of this course, a student’s creative photography understanding will be sharpened and their ability to create creative photographs of their own will be enhanced.


To register please call West Photo at 905 737-9585


Location: West Photo Inc