Foot Clinic at St. Matthew's United Church
Foot Clinic at St. Matthew

Walking is very important to all of us, and maybe the only form of exercise in which many of us participate. For this reason, proper foot care is very important.

Preferred Health's foot care team—all nurses with specialized training—will, in a clinic setting:

  • Assess Clients feet, medical history
  • Cut and file toenails.
  • Treat ingrown toenails, corns, calluses and fungal nails
  • Provide a foot massage with each foot care treatment
  • Document or chart on progress of foot care

To book your appointment please contact church office 905 884-1072 or Vicki White 905-884-3606

The fee is $30.00. Payment by Visa or Mastercard

Receipts issued.

Preferred Health process all paperwork for veterans (DVA's)

Appointments must be reserved one week in advance.

Associated to: Spectrum Health Care