Partagez le Francais! Free French Conversation Group
Partagez le Francais! Free French Conversation Group

Enjoy free French language conversation. This group is for people (francophones to beginners) looking to exercise their French language conversation skills.

The meetings are unstructured and depend on the initiative of the participants.

Francophones and stronger speakers are encouraged to share their French language skills. Those needing a helping hand are encouraged to actively seek a helping hand.

Participants move between tables to reinvigorate the conversations.

Group meets in Richmond Hill on alternate Thursdays

The goal is to give value to the enthusiasm toward the French language, while at the same time be a place where neighbours can meet neighbours. I hope you will participate to share/celebrate/improve your French, have fun, and meet great new people!

For more information [email protected]

It is expected that participants will make a purchase at Covernotes.