Fall Lecture Series: Humanity's Greatest Celestial Observatories: Past, Present & Future
Fall Lecture Series: Humanity

Fall Lecture Series
is starting on November 14th.

Come for a journey through time as we explore some of humanity's greatest efforts to understand the celestial realm.

Lecture 1 - Nov.14
I. Great Celestial Observatories of Antiquity.
Humanity begins to understand Celestial Mechanics.

Lecture 2 - Nov.21
II. The Roots of Modern Astronomy.
Cataloguing the Cosmos and Introduction of the Telescope.

Lecture 3 - Nov.28
III. One Hundred Years of Unprecidented Discovery!
Technology to make large telescopes combined with the newly discovered rules of nature called Quantum Mechanics and
General Relativity provides our modern ("scientific") understanding of the origin and evolution of the Universe.

Lecture 4 - Dec. 5
IV. Telescopes in Space and Deep Underground.
Our ability to place telescopes in space and deep underground to study particles and radiation beyond visible light has greatly expanded our undestanding of the Universe and our place within it.

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