Sergiu Hirtescu - Investors Group
1595 16th Avenue
Ste. 201
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 4B1

416 895-6561
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What I Do…

I run a professional financial planning practice focused on providing recommendations and strategies to a small and successful group of business owners and affluent families who among other things want to protect the results of their hard work. I have developed a process that allows me to provide relevant and specific advice to each of my clients and their families.


Since moving to Thornhill 19 years ago, Serge has been involved with many organizations in the community and he has been dedicated to the constant furthering of his own education. Some accomplishments include: Certified Financial Planner CFP®, Certified Investment Manager CIM® and Fellow of CSI FSCI®. His focus to continually improve has been the foundation to the successful practice he runs today as a Consultant with Investors Group Financial Services Inc.


Focus on fact based, relevant solutions for successful business owners and affluent families to protect them from potential threats to their future plans and become their primary, trusted wealth manager.


To use discipline and focus to be a master in the field of financial planning for successful business owners and affluent families by constantly improving my skills and knowledge in the complex area of business strategy and high net worth financial planning.


Serge has been a business owner all my life starting with my paper route at the age of 9 so that I could direct my own future with the independence that this gave me. After finishing university, I chose a career in the financial services industry and worked my way up the corporate ladder very quickly as I brought my entrepreneurial mindset to the corporate world. I chose to become a financial planner because I loved the feeling of helping clients simplify the complex world of financial planning to something that they understood and empowered them to take control of their lives.

What you should expect from me as your Investors Group Consultant?

You deserve someone you can trust, who will answer all your questions and tell you what else you forgot to ask. I know this because this is what I expect from any professional I engage with from a plumber to a lawyer, a doctor or a florist.

I am committed to working for you to help ensure you achieve your financial goals, but even more than that, I strive to be a knowledgeable sounding board to identify unknown pitfalls to protect your dreams and uncover buried desires for what your are really working for, it’s not money but the things money can give you, freedom, security, independence.

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