Affordable In Home/In Studios Piano Lessons in York Region
9225 Leslie Stree
Second Floor
Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 3H6
Cyndi Shi

647 686-8859

"The decision was made to enroll my daughter with Cyndi as her teacher. With warm smile and inviting atmosphere, my daughter always feel eagerly ready to learn new notes and complete her assigned homework. I have sat through a few sessions and always convinced within minutes, I have found an excellent teacher. Cyndi, please continue doing what you are doing. My daughter is happy and I happy. Thank you for all the work you have done.
– Lucina’s Father, 6 years old

"Cyndi - Just needed to send you this quick note letting you know how happy my girls are to have you as their piano teacher. Your professionalism, friendliness and fun personality has changed the way my two girls look at their piano lessons - cannot thank you enough for getting them back on track."
-- Mother of Emma & Alexana, 6 & 9 years old

"Cyndi is an outstanding piano teacher. My 8 years old daughter loves her. Cyndi makes learning piano fun and interesting for children by allowing them to learn in a fun way and give the kids a sense of accomplishment. Her teaching style is the perfect balance of friendly and encouraging, yet very professional with an emphasis on progress. She sets high expectations and inspires her students through her own love of music. I would highly recommend Cyndi to any student fortunate enough to work with her.”
– Oksana’s mother, 8 years old

"Since Anya has been taking piano lessons from you, I've noticed a great deal of improvement and confidence in her playing. She now practices for a good 40 mins without a break and I love to listen to her playing. You endless patience, understanding and constant encouragement have rekindled her love for the piano which is greatly appreciated. Thank you and all my best for your continued success."
– Anya’s father, 11 years old

"My daughter, Oishe has been attending Vivian Piano since May 2012. She loves it a lot. She is learning lessons with great interest. Cyndi, the teacher teach very lovingly. The most important thing I like her step by step teaching method. I wish every success for her school.”
-- Oishe’s father, 9 years old

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