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Brian Korson's journey to a 'Healthier Way of Wellness'

" For over 15 years, I suffered from high cholesterol and blood pressure and the side effects of the associated medications to control those issues. The medications weren’t solving the underlying health problems but just controlling the symptoms.

My cardiologist said for a 62 year old with 15 years of cholesterol issues and stress test results that suggested I had accumulated some arterial blockages, my cardio health was deteriorating over time.

Chronic joint & muscle pain finally drove me to find a treatment for the problems … a solution based on natural focused nutrition… and after much research and evidence I finally lucked out.

Finally, I’ve been symptom-free and off all medications for over 2 years with a normal cholesterol and blood pressure. And miraculously a recent angiogram and stress test confirmed I no longer have any arterial blockages.

Healthier Way to Wellness was created to help me show others with health challenges how to improve their health naturally…

  • Reduce dependency on drugs and side effects
  • Reduce high cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Reduce acid reflux and indigestion
  • Reduce the pain of osteo-arthritis
  • Reduce osteoporosis and improve bone density
  • Reduce allergies and improve skin conditions
  • Improve mental health

Healthier Way to Wellness provides health awareness training, one-to-one counseling, and highly potent nutritional supplementation… all with a focus to improve underlying health problems.

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