Dr. Nicole Roberts, N.D.

Richmond Hill Professional Centre 22 Richmond St, Suite 207
L4C 3Y1
Richmond Hill
647 780-1406


Her aim is to be your personal health detective; let's find out the root of what is going on and treat it.

She works with individuals who:

  • want simple, effective, natural solutions to treat the root of their health concerns and build a resilient, healthy body & mind
  • are dealing with chronic conditions that have not healed with other medical models
  • are interested in living the healthiest life they can & preventing disease
  • are overwhelmed by and wary of the “health” advice that exists online and looking for somebody with medical training to provide accurate natural medical advice & guidance
  • find it hard to take care of themselves; may take care of others first
  • want an empowering doctor-patient relationship
  • are motivated to make dietary & lifestyle changes
  • are willing to learn how emotions, food choices, gut / hormonal & sexual health, environmental influences and trauma contribute to the disease process

Heal Your Mind. Restore Your Body. Change Your Health.


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