ABCs of ESGs. Environmental Investing - Your impact today

Event Date: 
Tuesday, February 8, 2022 - 7:00pm


ESG = environmental, social and governance investing

ESG investing incorporates environmental, social and governance factors as a way to uncover risks and opportunities that can minimize negative externalities and drive positive change.


  • Adherence to climate goals
  • Environmental protection
  • Water and energy use
  • Carbon emissions
  • Waste management


  • Human rights
  • Privacy and data
  • Fair wages and safe working conditions
  • Community involvement
  • Product responsibility


  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Executive compensation
  • Business ethics
  • Protecting shareholder interests
  • Disclosure and transparency

Global challenges like climate change and inequality have shifted investor expectations—they want to know their money is having a positive impact on the world around them, as well as their returns. With ESG investing, you can achieve your financial goals while aligning your portfolio with your values.

This seminar is being presented by Janine Purves of Assante Wealth Management along with Jeff Chan who is accredited in Sustainability Accounting and Climate Risk. 

Attend this free semianr to learn:

  • What is ESG investing?
  • How does it apply to today’s focus?
  • What is Canada’s role?
  • How can it fit into your portfolio?

Click HERE to register. 


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