Asset Map for Richmond Hill

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Need to connect to a community service but don’t know where to start?

The South Central Richmond Hill Community Action Table, led by the Family Services of York Region, has created a community resource that makes it easy for residents to find the services they need, whether basic needs, employment, seniors or newcomer supports, and up to 14 other categories.

The resource was created as part of the Community Action Table’s plan to support safety and well-being with “asset mapping,” which identifies local services within the local community. The resource was inspired by the  World Health Organization's Social Prescribing Toolkit. For each service listing in the resource, there is a brief description and a link to a service provider’s website, and the Table will ensure the resource is updated as the community grows and changes. 


Check it out. Community Resources - Family Services York Region (

If you would like to make suggestions to this list, please email the volunteer project lead, Marj Andre at [email protected].

Would you like to learn more about the South Central Richmond Hill Community Action Table or how the Table is addressing priority risks to community safety and well-being with other focus areas across York Region? Please reach out to Tricia Ali at [email protected] or visit