Chiropractor, Dr. Judy Snider, answers some questions regarding our pandemic lifestyle

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What are some of the consequences for our bodies with sitting in front of a screen for prolonged times?

The consequences of sitting for prolonged periods in front of a screen create tremendous amounts of pressure on the low back.  The gravity bears down on the discs and the hip flexors tend to become very short and tight.  Most people lean forward towards the screen which strains the neck and upper back and can lead to headaches, and upper back pain. 

Are there different issues for the body with using a laptop or keyboard and using a smaller handheld device?

The head-down posture of looking at a phone is stressful for the neck and upper back.  The normal curvature of the neck becomes reversed with this posture and over time it can create an anterior head carriage, pain in the shoulders and back.

What are other issues you are seeing in your practice because of this prolonged pandemic?

Other issues can include eye strain, repetitive strain injury of the hand and thumbs, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

I am seeing a large number of disc issues, tendonitis of the elbows and hands from prolonged sitting.  People used to go to a workplace and spent more time walking around offices and visiting with co-workers.  During this pandemic and working from home, the time spent sitting at the computer has increased dramatically.


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