Christmas Countdown - Day 14 - Christmas Superstitions from our early days.

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Superstitions are things we believe or things we do to make life better for us. It doesn’t need to be rational.  It is just believing in a certain superior and supernatural evidence that doing or not doing something can cause good or bad things to happen in our lives.

Superstitions often stem from fear of the unknown. Or it can be from dealing with uncertainty, stress and anxiety. 

They can be real mechanisms for us to feel like we are in control. Studies have scientifically shown that superstitions do have a positive calming effect and have concluded that although there is no real magic, there is a bit of calming magic.  Hence I suggest you scan this list of superstitions of our pioneers,and decide what you will do to make 2021 a better year!

  • Bang pots and pans in front of your house on Christmas Eve. Do this as loudly as you can.  The noise will scare away bad luck.
  • You should stick a loaf of bread on a broomstick and leave it out in front of your house overnight on Christmas Eve.  Bad luck won’t come your way all year.
  • If the sky is full of stars on Christmas eve, there’ll be a big crop of peas in June.
  • Eat an apple on the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve and you won’t catch a cold all year.
  • If all the members of your family put their shoes in a row before going to bed on Christmas Eve, there won’t be any fighting in the year ahead.
  • The first person who wakes up on Christmas Day should open the front door and shout, “Welcome Father Christmas!” This brings good luck to the whole house.
    This same person who has woken up first should also take a broom and seep all the bad luck out of the house.
  • Feed your pets by candlelight on Christmas Day, before the sun rises, and they will behave well all year long.
  • If you eat a raw egg on Christmas morning, you’ll be strong all year.
  • On Christmas morning, get on a swing and swing as high as you can.  This will remind the sun to climb to the top of the sky in summer.
  • Ring bells loudly on Christmas Day to scare away bad luck.
  • The day of the week when Christmas falls can help you predict next year’s weather:
    Monday: A very cold winter and a very rainy summer
    Tuesday: A rainy year
    Wednesday: A fine summer
    Thursday: A bad year for the farm, so sell everything!
    Friday: Dry weather - YEAH
    Saturday: Bad weather all year
    Sunday: “If Christmas on a Sunday be, A windy winter we shall see.”
  • To find out how much freezing weather there will be next May, count the hours of sunshine on Christmas.  An old rhyme says:  "Hours of sun on Christmas Day, So many frosts in the month of May.”
  • A windy Christmas is a sign of good luck.
  • If you get a sunburn on your nose at Christmas, you will burn your toe at Easter.
  • Never wash a Christmas present before you give it to somebody, or you’ll was away the good luck.
  • Go hug an apple tree on Christmas Day so it will wake up and bear fruit in the spring.
  • You’ll have good luck if you touch somebody with a green branch on Christmas.
  • Give your cow a Christmas present and she will give you plenty of milk.
  • Put some holly on the beehive. If your kind to the bees, you’ll hear them hum carols.
  • A cricket chirping on Christmas Day is a lucky sign.
  • It’s bad luck to go fishing on Christmas Day.
  • When you visit somebody’s house on Christmas Day, be sure to eat the food they offer you.  If you refuse to eat in their house, you will take their Christmas spirit away when you leave.
  • When Christmas dinner is done, take the tablecloth outside and shake the crumbs onto the ground.  A plant will grow where the crumbs have fall.  This plant will cure sickness.
  • Save the crumbs from your Christmas cake and keep them until hey are dry.  Whey you have a cold, mix the dry crumbs with water, and drink the mixture.  You’ll get better soon.
  • Take a handful of salt and throw it into the fire.  If there’s a loud noise or an awful smell, it will keep bad luck away from your house.

I think this one we should all  adopt this year, as we need to  keep familys apart. 

If your family is apart on Christmas, each of you should light a candle at the same time and think of the others.