Community Photo Collage - Flight of the Monarch Day (August 22)

less than 1 minute

Photo - Tussock caterpillar eating milkweed plant. 
Photocredit - Marj Andre

Richmond Hill Council proclaimed August 22 “Flight of the Monarch Day” in Richmond Hill, in support of Monarch Nation and our ongoing efforts to help pollinators. 

In addition to a plant kit giveaway and a webinar series (, Richmond Hill is putting together a community photo collage, to be released on August 22. 

Please submit a pollinator photo – close ups of native wildflowers, milkweed, and actual butterflies/caterpillars/bees are encouraged!

And please help spread the word.

Photos can be submitted to [email protected], or to the Twitter account (@GreeningtheHill). 

To be included in the collage, photos should be submitted by August 14.  These details will be available on our Pollinator webpage and through social media next week.