Compassionate York Region wants to send light to Ukraine

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Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if there was no light in your home after sunset. Relentless bombing of power plants and energy infrastructure has now left untold numbers of families in Ukraine without heat or light in their homes. With winter fast approaching, many Ukrainians are now facing a fearful winter of darkness and cold. And without power to recharge cell phones, even normal contact with families and friends will be far more difficult if not impossible.

Compassionate York Region, a part of The Charter for Compassion, believes we may like to make this thoughtful and compassionate gift to those suffering in the war in Ukraine.

The Charter for Compasion has organized that through SunLight Ukraine to ship these simple solar powered lanterns to families in Ukraine. These inflatable lanterns can stay lit all night with a solar recharge, and they also have a plug that can be used to charge a cellphone. Your gift will bring these simple solar lanterns to families there, and with it the life changing gifts of light and human connection. Children can now read and do homework; families can now see each other around a dinner table; and parents can now read to their children at bedtime, and even provide a night light for them as they sleep.

The delivered cost of each unit is $25US (approximately $34 Canadian)

Click HERE to access The Charter for Compassion's donation link. You can donate an amount for a specific number of lanterns or make a general donation to this cause of sending these solar lights to Ukraine.

Show your support - and receive your own lantern!
If you give $500 or more, we’d be happy to gift you with a solar lantern to shine in your own window – a reminder of your connection to the families in Ukraine, and a message of hope for sustainable peace in our shared world.