Gardening Tip ~ Composting in the Garage

less than 1 minute

Submitted by Rahe Richards, a member of the Richmond Hill Garden & Horticultural Society

With the deep snow fall we have had and may have, I found it difficult to take my kitchen scrapes to my composter in the backyard. Instead of throwing the scraps in the green bin, I started composting in my garage!   

Here’s how I did it: 
• I lined a large rubber bin with plastic. Try using a large black garbage bag as black helps composting go faster.
• Then I hand shredded some newspapers and stored them in a box beside my lined rubber bin.
• When the small recycling container under my sink fills up, I take it to the garage and put the food scrapes in the bin. Then cover them with some shredded newspaper.  The recycling container goes back under the sink where it can gather more scraps.  
• In the spring, I’ll take everything in that “interim” composter (i.e. the lined rubber bin) and add the scraps with shredded newspapers to my normal backyard composter.

So far, it is working like a charm!  And I’ll have put the scraps to good use as compost for my gardens this spring and summer.