Gardening Tips ~ Life Lessons from Gardening

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Submitted by Doreen Coyne, a member of the Richmond Hill Garden & Horticultural Society

Every now and again, we are given a life lesson. We either learn from it or ignore it.  And many times, if we ignore the lesson, we are then given that same lesson again but in a different way.  Sort of a “groundhog day” thing i.e.) you repeat the lesson until you understand what you were meant to learn and implement it. This idea seems appropriate one to think about when we consider many choose many of the same goals each year as our New Year’s Resolutions.

Below are two of my life lessons: the Poinsettia and Christmas.  Last year I wrote articles on these but I wanted to emphasize the importance of the lessons that I am asked to learn from these two things.
The Poinsettia lesson is the one I keep repeating.  I love my flowers, but it seems that life throws me a curve and I can’t, or don’t, water them. Then they do not flourish. So, I try to water them more regularly or ask someone to water them if I’m not able. But inevitably the other waterer or I fail to give them the water they need or indeed, overwaters the plants.  It isn’t fair that the plants are tortured with no water or too much water just because I can’t get my act together. This recurring lesson torments many of my plants including my poinsettia, orchids, African violets, and Christmas cactus (which is really my mom’s and has been growing for almost 50 years.)  The plants provide such beauty and yet I let them go without water more often than I care to admit. It’s trying to teach me a lesson as it drops its flowers earlier than it should.  You’d think I’d get it by now. Perhaps the real lesson is not about watering flowers but about watering our relationships with family members and friends. Or even a wider lesson that we can’t judge people who mistreat others or pets if we can’t find it within ourselves to take care of our plants.

The Christmas story referenced below is a lesson I learned well and so far, it hasn’t come back to haunt me. I feel I understand the message and am doing what I need to with that message.
Read the stories and see if things going on in your life are providing life lessons for you. And perhaps your New Year’s resolution could simply be to watch for these lessons and try to learn from them.

Keep your Poinsettia for Years!
Your Christmas or Holiday Poinsettia from December should still be blooming as long as you keep watering it.  And if you follow a few simple guidelines, it can be kept for many years to come.  The plant relies on three things – correct levels or amounts of light, temperature, and water.   Read the full story.

What I learned this Christmas
This "Tip" is not about growing flowers, seedlings, nor veggies. It is a personal growth story that I learned during the Christmas season and wanted to share.  Maybe there is a seed within it that you might harvest for yourself or a friend. One of the nuggets I discovered was this: We should simplify our lives and try to avoid those things that frustrate us. When we are happier, we can be more open and caring. And others will see and feel that and also be happier.  Read the full story.