Helping you choose which candidate to vote for in this federal election here in Richmond Hill.

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Election Day - September 20th.

Are you struggling to decide whom you should vote for? Are you seeing signs at the side of the road, but that is not sufficient!? Would you like to know more about the candidates? 

Here are interviews with most of the candidates for both the Richmond Hill riding and the Aurora Oak Ridges Richmond Hill riding. A few of the candidates could not be contacted.

The same questions were asked of each, so you can compare. These questions were sent to the candidates ahead of time.

  1. How will your party address the climate crisis?
  2. What will your party do to assist the vulnerable in our society?
  3. How will your party address the issue of the very rich not paying their fair share of taxes?
  4. How would you like to see Indigenous peoples represented in our society?
  5. What abilities do you have to be a Member of Parliament?

And there are some fun questions at the end!

Richmond Hill Riding – (click HERE to check the riding boundaries)

Here are the interviews with the Richmond Hill candidates:


Aurora Oak Ridges Richmond Hill riding - (click HERE to check the boundaries)

  • Leona ALLESLEV - Conservative Party of Canada
  • Janice HAGAN - New Democratic Party
  • Anthony SISKOS - People's Party of Canada
  • Serge KOROVITSYN - Libertarian Party of Canada
  • Leah TAYLOR ROY - Liberal Party of Canada

Here are the interviews with the Aurora Oak Ridges Richmond Hill riding candidates:


Here's a reminder of how the voting went in the last election – October 21, 2019

Aurora Oak Ridges Richmond Hill Riding

  • Conservative – Leona Alleslev – winner - 23,568 votes
  • Liberal – Leah Taylor Roy – 22,508
  • NDP – Aaron Brown – 3,820
  • Green - Timothy Flemming - 2,154|
  • People’s - Priya Patil – 530
  • Libertarian - Serge Korovitsyn - 529

    Voter turnout – 64.4%

Richmond Hill Riding

  • Liberal – Majid Jowhari – winner - 21,804 votes
  • Conservative – Costas Menegakis -  21,592
  • NDP – Adam DeVita - 4,425
  • Green – Iccha Kohli -  1,695
  • People’s -  Igor Tvorogov – 507
  • Rhinoceros - Otto Wevers - 126

     Voter turnout – 59.9%