Important changes to Yonge Street in Richmond Hill. An update from vivanext

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We’ve been getting ready for the next phase of rapidway construction on Yonge Street in Richmond Hill.

To accommodate construction in the centre of the road for dedicated bus lanes and vivastations, traffic lanes on the corridor are shifting to their final location.

This next stage of work has been taking place in phases on Yonge, from Highway 7 to Major Mackenzie Drive, and from Levendale Road to 19th Avenue / Gamble Road.

New for motorists:

» Intersections will now have a dedicated left-turn traffic signal

» Drivers can only turn left when the left-turn arrow is illuminated

» Left turns are not permitted when through traffic proceeds

» To access mid-block entrances on the other side of the road, motorists will make U-turns at signalized intersections when the left-turn signal is illuminated. Watch for “U-turn permitted” signs

New for pedestrians:

» Intersections will be wider with more lanes and new signals. At the intersections that will have vivastations, pedestrians may cross the road in two stages if unable to get to the other side during the first signal

» A countdown signal will indicate how many seconds pedestrians have left to safely cross the street

Visit this YouTube channel to watch the “Rapidway Left Turns” video to see how traffic on Yonge will move in the final configuration.

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