Launching of new book by Richmond Hill author Peter Dennis.

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While in hypnosis with Peter, five women began to chan­nel. How it happened, what their reactions were to it and how channeling works make up the first part of this book.

The book also reveals that, as Planet Earth and the humans upon her, are in the process of making a major shift in consciousness, many Extraterrestrial Beings are here to help us understand what is happening and to help us make this transition as smoothly as possible.

This book provides an intro­duction to Spirituality and it gives readers a new way of looking at what they thought was reality.

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“I have long been an avid fan of Peter Dennis’ books. His writing is refreshing and analogous to the way you might feel after a Chiropractic adjustment where all your former 'Humpty Dumpty pieces' are back together again. This book is a ‘must have' as an important each-and-every-day  personal reference for Hypnosis, Channeling, Raising Consciousness and Meditation—I have found this true of every book that Peter Dennis has written.  Peter has the precious gift of transforming complicated subjects into simple understandable and immensely enjoyable terms. I could feel my vibration raising just by reading this book!!”  ~ Elaine Charal,   Canada’s Busiest Speaker and Entertainer.

“We are living in a time of massive transition and expansive awakening. Every Being is playing a part – some consciously, others less so. Many people describe how it feels to awaken, to journey through enlightenment and how to access greater knowledge – none quite so succinctly and almost “matter-of-factly” as Peter Dennis. In this book, Peter shares his journey, plenty of great information, observations and stories. He makes interesting points in this book that beg equally intriguing questions. However, Peter is not interested in convincing, cajoling or cor­ralling. The words pop off the page because all he seems interested in is: sharing. I deeply enjoyed reading Hypnosis, Channelling and Raising Con­sciousness, and happily recommend it!” ~ Rev. Keda Edwards Pierre,, Ordained Minister | Personal Development Strategist | Facilitator ǀ Podcaster Owner & Founder of True2Soul Network,

"What I really enjoyed about this book is how Peter simplifies and explains complex spiritual concepts. His analogies and examples are very helpful, and I found them easy to understand and relate to.  I read this book twice when I first got it and I know I will return to it again. I highly recommend it." ~ Sherry Bennett, Owner of Bayview Concierge,