Look up. 37 stories up. Then stand up and say something!

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Decisions being made by this new council have made many stand up and take note!

The motion to have a Land Acknowledgement at the beginning of council meetings had CBC talking.

The Library board’s budget not being authorized and a proposed Sunday closure creating a picket line and then being reversed has people scratching their heads.

Comments on social media have been that if you want something from council, ask for the opposite.

The amendments or scraping of carefully researched city building have been negated. People who live in the Yonge & Bernard area are looking up and trying to imagine a 37 story tower. (Click here to read the entire motion. ) And if there is one will there not be others?  This recent motion sites a change in transit use. Very few parking spaces will be offered.  Some council members talk of the need of affordable housing. A review of the realtor listings for new condos along Yonge, in Richmond Hill, have a 2 bedroom,  about 1000 sq. feet, at about $600K, with monthly maintenance fees being more than $500.   Is that affordable? 

The motions have not asked for rental units.  It would be nice to see some geared to income so that the many people who work here can live here.
The subway is only going to be to Highway 7.  And not for a while.  There are few amenities in this area.  This will be an “Isolation Tower”.

We really need innovative housing, made with real plans.

This 37 story building will look down at L’Arche Daybreak, inspired by the recently passed Jean Vanier.  Vanier has written a lot about community development.  He wouldn’t have approved.

Let's build a better community.
Let's all pay attention and voice our opinions.  A constant barrage of questionng and condemnation would send a message that a better performing council is required.
Please don't just sit there.

Here is the link to the council meetings 
If you cannot attend you can view the meeting on Live Stream.  Click here for the link.  This can be viewed at a later time too.

Here is the link to the contact info for mayor and council. Impart your wisdom.  Ask them difficult questions.  Ask to meet them.  They are working for us.