Meditation: The Ultimate Stress Reducer. Why Might You Want To Do It? An Article by Peter Dennis

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There are many scientifically validated benefits flowing from meditation.  In addition to stress reduction, here are a few others:

●  Ability to focus attention                                   ●  Academic performance

●  Athletic performance                                         ●  Cardiovascular efficiency

●  Contentment                                                     ●  Cordiality and good humour

●  Creativity                                                          ●  Emotional stability

●  Energy level                                                      ●  Interpersonal relations

●  Metabolic stability                                             ●  Resistance to disease

●  Respiratory efficiency                                       ●  Self-esteem

As well, science has reported, that in addition to some of these specific areas, meditators have experienced reductions in alcohol use, anxiety, criminal activity, depression, excessive weight, high blood pressure, irritability, smoking, and the use of prescription drugs.

Meditation produces benefits for nearly everyone. On an individual basis, adults, teenagers and children can benefit from it. On a group basis, it is ideal for work groups, social groups, execu­tive committees, clubs and anyone who is interested in improving competence, happiness and quality of life. It is said, in summary, that meditators look younger, are healthier, handle stress better and enjoy life more.

If you want to get metaphysical about it, the one potential benefit that may surpass all of the others, which the mystics have been pitching for centuries, is that meditation increases consciousness. Consciousness is the awareness of what is around us and what is going on within us. Increasing consciousness is how the human species evolves.

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