A Quick Review of the Curtain Club's current play - Mending Fences

less than 1 minute

Written by Norm Foster

Early on in the play, the main character does mend a fence, but it is a story of mending relationships.

Three characters come and go from this realistic set – the inside of the home of the father.  A train station platform is off to the side, ony visited just near the beginning and the end of the play.

Drew is the 29 year old son who returns home, a bit broken, to visit with his father that he left 16 years earlier

Harry, is the 60 year old father, a bit bruised by the hard times of living in Saskatchewan.
Gin, a extroverted, talkative widow, next door, is Harry’s girlfriend.

Why Drew returned home is gradually revealed.  You need to pay attention to the flashbacks.

The play is billed as a comedy.  There are many very well delivered one liners but you may not find the story funny.  It was a story of how different people deal differently with bad times. It ends with some things resolved and a hopeful future for the lives of all the characters. 

On opening night it received a well deserved standing ovation. 

The play runs until April 13th. 
Ticket information on their website www.thecurtainclub.org

Photos credit - Rhonda Star