Richmond Hill Community Food Bank now offers home delivery

less than 1 minute

In the face of the continuing COVID-19 emergency, the manager and board of directors at the Richmond Hill Community Food Bank have started up a food home delivery service for eligible clients.

Existing or new clients in need who:

• are 65 years of age or older, with mobility/transportation issues;

• have a disability or mobility issues theat prevent them from coming to the food bank; or

• are a single parent with young children.

As with all their qualifying clients, you must also live in Richmond Hill or Thornhill to be able to use this free home delivery service.

The food bank has partnered with another York Region transportation agency to offer this service.

This new program allows them to reach out to vulnerable individuals and families who need emergency food aid, but have difficulty coming in person to the food bank, especially in the face of heightened worries about the virus.  

The turnaround time for a qualifying client to get home delivery is two or three days.

They can provide culturally and dietary appropriate food selections, such as Halal meats, gluten-free products or supplement drinks for diabetics.

To arrange for this free home delivery service, call the Food Bank manager, Lee Reynolds, to discuss your needs and situation at 905-508-4761.