Richmond Hill might get on board to act on the impacts of Climate Change.

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On Tuesday June 11th Ward 4 Councillor David West will be tabling the following motion at the regular meeting of Richmond Hill Council.

If passed, this motion would allow our municipality to join over 300 other Canadian Municipalities in formally recognizing the importance that the impacts of Climate Change are having, and will continue to have, on our communities, and more importantly it encourages us to show leadership towards finding solutions.

You are encouraged to attend this meeting.  The Council meeting is from 1 to 4 pm in the Council Chambers, 225 East Beaver Creek.  You can just show up.  If you would like to speak to this motion, click here for details.  You have to register and you have a maximum of 5 minutes.  

If you cannot attend please consider letting your local and regional councillors know how you feel.  Click here for contact info.  

To pass, a majority, 5 of the 9 councillors, need to vote in favour of this motion..

Here is the formal language of the motion:

WHEREAS the October 2018 report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) demonstrates that climate change will continue to have severe and worsening economic, social, and environmental impacts around the world, and that significant and structural reductions in carbon emissions in the next 10-12 years are needed to avoid the worst effects; and
WHEREAS the federal government’s April 2019 “Canada’s Changing Climate Report” indicates that Canada is experiencing warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, and the provincial government’s November 2018 “Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan” states that “climate change threatens… our homes, communities and businesses, infrastructure, our locally grown food and crops… as well as the health of ecosystems”; and
WHEREAS many jurisdictions have jointly and independently committed to taking action on climate change (e.g. 2015 Paris Agreement, Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, Made-in-Ontario Environment Plan, TransformTO, etc.); and
WHEREAS southern Ontario, including York Region, has experienced several recent extreme weather events with substantial impacts to the natural environment, community safety, and municipal finances; and
WHEREAS climate models predict more extreme weather conditions in York Region, including intense rainfall, heat waves, ice storms, increased freeze/thaw cycles, and high wind speeds; and
WHEREAS citizens with diverse backgrounds and ages continue to raise the issue of climate change in their communities, including in Richmond Hill, and to urge greater and faster government action; and
WHEREAS a growing list of municipal councils across the world, including 331 in Canada, have passed climate emergency declarations; and
WHEREAS the City of Richmond Hill has demonstrated its commitment to environmental protection and climate change adaptation and mitigation through ongoing and upcoming actions related to energy efficiency and conservation, active and public transportation, stormwater and natural area management, and sustainable development; and
WHEREAS the City of Richmond Hill recognizes both the financial costs of inaction and the opportunities for economic development and job growth tied to climate action and participation in the low-carbon economy;
Now Therefore Be It Resolved: that the City of Richmond Hill joins citizens and jurisdictions across Canada and the world by declaring a climate emergency, in recognition of the urgent need for climate action, and as a commitment to protect our community and the current and future generations who call Richmond Hill home.