Top 10 Gifts for the Man Cave or She Shed. Cosmo Music has it right for shopping this holiday season!

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Cosmo Music has been a tourist destination.  They have also been leading the pack on having an outstanding digital store, well before the pandemic struck.  So, in these times when we should not be going into stores very much they have made on line shopping an exceptional experience.

Here is one example:   Top 10 Gifts for the Man Cave or She Shed.

  1. Marshall Bar Fridge 
  2. Nirvana In Utero Double Deck Playing Card Tin Set
  3. 3D Super 55 Microphone LED Lamp
  4. G-Clef Door Hanger - Silver Tone
  5. Jimi Hendrix Slap Band Pint Glass Set
  6. Strawberry Fields Street Sign
  7. Ion Air LP Wireless Streaming Turntable
  8. Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" Group Poster
  9. BeaverCreek Guitar Shelf
  10. Fender Rocks Cali Barstool

Spot them in the picture above and click HERE for all the details!  

Note:  their Black Friday Sales are only on-line - no one is standing out in a line up!!