Empowering Family Caregivers to Cope - an online 3 session series

Event Date: 
Monday, March 8, 2021 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm

brought to you at no charge thanks to a collaboration between March of Dimes Canada, and the Trillium Foundation

The 3-A Coping Framework was originally developed as a grief intervention model for healthcare providers to address the losses that adults experience while caregiving a family member living with a serious ongoing condition. The framework is now being offered directly for family caregivers themselves to apply as an empowering coping tool to benefit their wellbeing and ability to provide care.

These sessions are facilitated by Eleanor Silverberg, Social Worker, Dementia/Caregiving/Grief Specialist and based on her books: Keeping It Together: How to Cope as a Family Caregiver andCaregiving with Strength

March 8th - Session 1: Acknowledging & Addressing the Losses Caregivers Experience

Identifying three elements of a strength enhancing regimen with a focus on the element unmasking the different types of losses encountered in the caregiving experience. Also, the components of the 3-A Coping Framework are described as a means of addressing the losses.  

March 15th - Session 2: Assess Your Caregiving Experience: From Calm to Overwhelming Reaction

Exploring and raising awareness of grief as a reaction, not to death but rather to the losses that caregivers experience supporting a family member living with a serious, chronic illness. Specific reactions and different styles of coping with the circumstances are assessed.

March 22 - Session 3: Assist with Self Nurturing: SEEE for Yourself     

Providing tips including grief processing to help caregivers cope and offering empowering guidance to self monitor with self awareness for wellbeing and ability to provide care, directing how to apply the 3-A Framework for optimum coping, assisting by acknowledging and assessing strategies.


For more information about the series please contact Eleanro at  647 624-5677 or [email protected]

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