On the Way Home - a weekly podcast about homelessness. Measuring a community’s social capital

On the Way Home is a weekly Canadian national podcast produced by York Region's Blue Door and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness

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How Brain Training Combats Learning Styles

In the late 1980s, Dr. Neil Fleming identified the VARK model of learning styles. Although other educators and research have identified as many as 70 learning styles, the four that VARK focused on were as follows:

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Gardening Tips ~ Make Your Picnic Table Easy to Move

Given the weather, you may be looking for a project that would be useful in your backyard.  While at a friend’s cottage recently, I found a very useful modification for a picnic table that I knew would benefit many of us.

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This Week "In Conversation with Ann Rohmer". A talk with Peter Mansbridge, honouring wartime animals.....

On this weekend's edition (October 16) of THE FEED with ANN ROHMER.

THESE STORIES AND MORE ON THE FEED with Ann Rohmer: Saturday @9am & Sunday 5pm.

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Worried So Much About my Aging Parents this Coming Winter...

So many of us are worried about their aging parents at home in Richmond Hill this coming winter!

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Richmond Hill Horticultural Society Fall Bulb Sale

The Fall Bulb sale is now open to both members and non-members of our Society.

At this time there are these items for sale.  More types of bulbs will be added.

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Democracy Index Schedule - a critical look at Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill has placed dead last among Ontario’s largest thirty-two municipalities rated by a Municipal Democracy Index. 

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By-Election for Mayor. January 24, 2022

Richmond Hill Council voted to proceed with a By-election, rather than an appointment, for the vacant Mayor’s position, following the retirement of former Mayor Dave Barrow.

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