Let's Explore Richmond Hill - Richvale Greenway North

This trail system runs beside the East Don tributary.  If you live nearby, walk over.  
If you are not in North Richvale, you can easily park on a side street and go for a wander. Parking on May Ave or Lund St. may be your best bet. 

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Gardening Tip ~ Give Your Perennials A Hair Cut

Some perennials start to bloom earlier than they are supposed to either due to early summer weather or great soil where they are planted.

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Let's Explore Richmond Hill ~ Richvale Greenway South

The Richvale Greenway is a trail running along a tributary of the East Don River.  It is really a creek. 

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Let the City know how you'd like the Mill Pond Park to be revitalized

Richmond Hill is undertaking comprehensive studies for the rehabilitation and renewal of the long time favourite Mill Pond Park. 

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Getting Your Student Back on Track This Summer

For the last two school years, many students have signified the last day of school with the closing of their laptops.

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Gardening Tip ~ Toads: Good Garden Mates

As a toddler, the firstborn to my parents, I enjoyed time spent in the garden playing in my sandbox. A companion, who invariably joined me in my play, was a magnificent toad.

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Richmond Hill Horticultural Society has a unique fundraiser - worm castings (poo)

Worm castings are an organic form of fertilizer produced from earthworms.

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Gardening Tips ~ Animals and Insects in Your Garden – Part 3

Birds are a great help in the garden because they consume lots of insects and are a joy to watch.

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