Christmas Countdown - Day 8 - Hooked on Candy Canes

Candy canes are so Christmas. Like so many Christmas traditions they have a nearly unfathomable history, that goes back to Germany.

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Christmas Countdown - Day 7 - Chestnuts Roasting by...

Chestnuts do seem to be part of our Christmas traditions. 

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Christmas Countdown - Day 6 - The Life of the Christmas Cracker

Christmas Crackers are a British thing. They are part of Christmas celebrations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Commonwealth countries (Canada, Australia ,New Zealand and South Africa).

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Christmas Countdown - Day 5 - The History of Christmas Cake

Much like the cake itself, this history of Christmas cake is mixed up and dense. 

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Christmas Countdown - Day 4 - Reining in the Reindeer

Reindeer are the endearing beast of Christmas.  But fact and fiction have been mixed to create our Christmas images, stories, songs and films.

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Christmas Countdown - Day 3 - Christmas Tree Decorations, and particularly the Pickle

A Christmas tree is not a Christmas tree without decorations.

There are some interesting stories of these decorations.

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Gardening Tips - Leaf Blowers – good or bad?

As promised, an article is on leaf blowers.

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Christmas Countdown - Day 2 - Oh, Christmas Tree...

The Christmas tree may be the most significant symbol of Christmas. It is the highlight of the Christmas decorations for most homes.

Most histories of Christmas trees  go back to German traditions in the 1800s.

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