Provincial Budget playing out in Richmond Hill

The latest provincial budget was announced on Wednesday March 24th, 2021.
Billions are being spent to both protect people's health and support economic growth.

Specifically for Richmond Hill,

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Gardening Tips - Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation is the practice of planting different crops in the soil each year

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Sheila forgot to ask the name of a very thoughtful person!! Would you know who this is?

Sheila Wing really would like to get in touch with the very kind young lady who came and dropped off something she lost at the Freshco Parking lot in Richmond Hill on the evening of  Friday, March 12th.

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"A Taste for Life" Fundraiser 2021

The concept is simple, the cause is great, and the benefits to all involved are many.

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What is Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy? Some "Good Information to Know" from Red House Dental

Myofunctional therapy is neuro-muscular retraining used to CORRECT THE IMPROPER FUNCTION OF THE OROFACIAL COMPLEX (tongue, soft palate, facial and masticatory muscles) and HELPS TO ADDRESS/RETRAIN POOR ORAL HABITS RELATED TO:

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The Subway is Coming!

The Ontario government is moving to the next stage of planning for the Yonge North Subway Extension as part of its commitment to build a modern and reliable transit system for the Greater Toronto Area.

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Filed vs. Unfiled Reeds.

Choosing a File Cut to Suit your Mouthpiece

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Hike for Hill House ~ May 2nd to May 31, 2021

Though the hike this year is going to be virtual again, it is still on!!!

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