Let's Explore Richmond Hill - Museum of the Streets - Part 2 - Some old businesses along Yonge St.

This is part two of "Let's Explore Richmond Hill - Museum of the Streets".  This suggested exploration is up and down Yonge Street from Major McKenzie Drive to Crosby Ave - the historic Village Core.  It is here the Town began, back in the 1800's.

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Coping with your Breath and Thoughts.

As you go through your daily life, how aware are you of your breath and your thoughts?

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Let’s Explore Richmond Hill – Museum of the Streets - Part 1

With the temperatures cooling and humidity dissipating it is a very good time to go for a walk in the downtown or village of Richmond Hill.

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MP Majid Jowhari talks about his constituency office's activities during pandemic

Majid took a little more than 10 minutes but there was a lot to tell.  

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Is there something that you'd like to say to our council? Now there will be Public Forum and you can

Council Accountability Group mission is to inform the public of local politics and holding the elected officials accountable.

They would like you to know that the Public Forum is back. 

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Hear Gerry Nudds talk about the Peace Park

Gerry Nudds was invited to give the "Ten Minute Tuesday Talk at Connecting the Community on August 18tth, 2020. 

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Let’s Explore Richmond Hill – Hunter's Point Wildlife Park

Hunter's Point Widlife Park is tucked in the southwest corner of the town.

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Clearing Negative Thoughts by Peter Dennis

Do you often find yourself in a downward spiral of negative thoughts and want to break that pattern?

Watch this short video for a simple technique that can turn things around:

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