Going Outside for Wellbeing During COVID

Have you thought about how COVID has affected your mental wellbeing?

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Gardening Tips (sort of) - "What I learned this Christmas"

Talking to people, giving to people, and sharing with people all make me feel better! 

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The Music Garden. Got little ones afoot? Cosmo Music has some delightful, creative on- line classes.

The Music Garden is an early childhood music and movement program full of songs, laughter, imagination, and inspiration.

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Concert of Hope - a High Notes Avante Production. To be enjoyed when you need some hope.

We have all been through some difficult times lately. Whether we were sick with Covid-19, lost loved ones to the virus, lost our jobs and livelihoods or felt scared and lonely, 2020 will not be missed.

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Richmond Hill Group of Artist Virtual Gallery Show ~ Light

It’s a new year, and the RHGA members are offering their interpretations of the theme "Light". 

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Gardening Tip ~ Keep your Poinsettia for Years!

Your Christmas or Holiday Poinsettia from December should still be blooming as long as you keep watering it.  And if you follow a few simple guidelines, it can be kept for many years to come.  The plant relies of three things – correct levels or a

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Council Accountability Group's Engagement Education Series - helping you be better engaged.

Council Accountability Group Richmond Hill Inc. was formed with the mission of informing the public of local politics and holding the elected officials accountable.

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Upgrade You Dry Winter Indoor Air

During winter months a lot of people suffer from asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments due to dry indoor air.

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