Gardening Tip ~ Carrot Tops

I just harvested some carrots and wondered about uses for their leafy tops. Here’s what I learned.

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Let's Explore Richmond Hill - Snakes & Ladders Park

This is one of the smaller neighbourhood parks but it has some cool features and a great playground.  It is surrounded by nature, homes and the din of traffic.

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Gardening Tip ~ Trapping Earwigs

You know those crawly critters with the pinchers on their tail end.

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How Do Tortoises Get Old ... Without Getting Elderly?

You probably have never given thought to this seemingly less important, esoteric question!

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Monarch Butterfly Tagging Challenge. Consider Participating!!

How would you like to be a citizen scientist and help save Monarch butterflies?

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Gardening Tips ~ The Slinky and the Squirrel

Are squirrels eating all the food you place in your birdfeeder?  My late husband would put out birdfeed and had many a squirrel as well as raccoons emptying the feeder regularly.  But he continued to fill the feeder given the joy he got from watch

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What Happens to Our Teeth as We Grow Older?

Growing older isn’t always pretty, and our teeth are no exception.

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Karen Cilevitz, Ward 5 Councillor, Her Covid-19 Story

Karen Cilevitz, Ward 5 Councillor for Richmond Hill, caught Covid-19.  She got really sick but not as sick as her husband Derek.  

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