My Pop Choir – Free Concert

Event Date: 
Monday, March 9, 2020 - 7:00pm

Imagine singing in a non-church choir, where you don't have to audition

Where you don't have to have any musical training or know how to read music.                                                                   

Where you sing for fun, joy, and laughter. 

A place where you feel comfortable and find yourself lost in the experience of singing pop, rock and R&B songs.                                                                                                          

That’s what My Pop Choir is all about!  

  • Doors open at 7 pm. 
  • Arrive by 7:15 to see the whole My Pop Choir experience:  a vocal warmup, and polishing up the tricky bits in each of the songs. 
  • At about 8 pm, the performance of the songs from their winter term starts. 
  • You are welcome to sing along!

Enter by the side door on Centre St, just east of Yonge St.  The concert will be in Centennial Hall which is to your right after you enter. 


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