Opera York Presents La Traviata. Two Performances - Fri. Nov. 1 & Sun. Nov. 3 (2 pm)

Event Date: 
Friday, November 1, 2019 - 7:30pm

Opera York’s mission is to provide professional opera that is accessible financially, geographically and comprehensibly to the community.

Synopsis of La Traviata
Violetta Valéry knows that she will die soon, exhausted by her restless life as a courtesan. At a party she is introduced to Alfredo Germont, who has been fascinated by her for a long time. She is touched by his candid manner and honesty and although she doesn’t want to give up her way of life she feels that Alfredo has awakened her desire to be truly loved and they enjoy their love in the country, far from society. In Alfredo’s absence, his father, Giorgio Germont, pays her a visit. He demands that she separate from his son, as their relationship threatens his daughter’s impending marriage. Violetta is a woman who loves unselfishly and she finally agrees to leave Alfredo forever. Alfredo reads her goodbye letter and is enraged and bitter at what he believes to be her betrayal. He confronts Violetta at a party declaring that she is terrible and he owes her nothing. Alfredo father Giorgio sees his mistake and tells Alfredo of Violetta’s sacrifice. Alfredo rushes to see her but arrives only in time to see her die of consumption. 

Music Director - Denis Mastromoneco
Stage Director - Penny Cookson
Violetta - Natalya Gennadi
Alfredo - Kijong Wi
Giorgio - Diego Catala

Tickets: $25 to $50.  Click here to order or call the box office at 905 787-8811

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