An Opportunity for Civic Engagement - Attend the Joint Compliance Audit Committee for councillors Beros, Perrilli, Muench and DiPaola

Event Date: 
Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 9:30am

This is a special council meeting to have 4 of the muncipal councillors, Ward 1 Greg Beros, Ward 2 Tom Muench, Regional Councillor Carmine Perrelli and Regional Councillor Joe DiPaola, answer questions regarding their expense reports for their elections before an audit committee. 

The Liberal Newspaper has reported on this issue.“Richmond Hill Councilors received big bucks from developers for election campaign.” 
There appears to be contraventions of the Municipal Elections Act.

Click HERE for the agenda

It is an important part of a democracy to have transparency.If you are concerned about the decisions made by our City Council, or you would like to support those who are applying for these audits, it is important to attend.

An audience will make the statement that many citizens care about these proceedings and that we expect a fair ruling.

It is not necessary to confirm your attendance.  You may arrive late and leave early.  There is no opportunity for the audience to speak.



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