Richmond Hill Speaker Series presents: Stacy A. Costa: Puzzles and the Brain as Meaningful Mental Play

Event Date: 
Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 10:00am to 12:00pm

This engaging speaker series is offered to the community as an opportunity to experience continual learning in an accessible format.

An approximate one hour talk, presented on the Zoom platform,  is followed by a Q&A.

This talk is by Stacy A. Costa

Stacy A Costa
Stacy A. Costa: Puzzles and the Brain as Meaningful Mental Play

This talk will provide a brief introduction to the genre of puzzles in our everyday lives. What role do puzzles have to our survival?  How can puzzles have an effect on our brains and change our aging society for the better? This talk will be demonstrating how solving puzzles can benefit all ages by developing the strength and stamina of the brain through examining available research and providing life changing insights to boost your brain!
Stacy A. Costa is a Ph.D Candidate at the University of Toronto in Curriculum studies, Teacher development & collaboration on Engineering Education. In this role, she researches advancing knowledge work within Education innovation for the Knowledge Age.  She is an enigmatologist and Ted Talk Speaker. As a public speaker, she has presented to various groups (Menza, Toronto Public Library, University of Toronto) on topics such as : the Importance of Puzzles for the Brain, puzzles and problem-solving in Education, and the role of puzzles in our everyday lives. As a puzzle designer, she has created work for The Toronto Star, Kellogg’s Cereal & the Government of Ontario. She also is actively pursuing research on puzzles and the brain. 

Individual ticket price: $15 (+HST and RHCPA service fees). 

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