Bookaleidoscope by Aimie Botelho, Richmond Hill's Artist in Residence, On display until September 30th at the Richmond Hill Central Library

less than 1 minute

Alter your perspective with the power of books!

Experience the magic of our artist in residence installation at the Richmond Hill Central Library Garden to see how books introduce us to new perspectives and understanding.

Blacksmith and artist Aimie Botelho has constructed an outdoor kaleidoscope that provides an opportunity to see the world in different colours and patterns.

Enjoy a shared family experience where children and adults can view the world around them with a new perspective. 

Artist Bio
Aimie Botelho works out of her shop in King City, Ontario. She studied sculpture and drawing, obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Education. She works part-time as an apprentice to Master Blacksmith Sandra Dunn, and served as the Editor for the Ontario Artist Blacksmith Association. She has participated in international projects in Europe, and toured 9 countries to study their collections of contemporary and historical ironwork to inform her own practice. She mostly works with hand-forged metal, making pieces with moveable components, simple mechanisms, or wearable parts.

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There will be a family workshop: Build Your Own Kaleidoscope!  Families will have the opportunity to create and take home their own miniature paper kaleidoscope. 

Two opportunities:

  1. Richmond Hill Farmers Market
    Sunday, August 12, 9:30 a.m. - 2 p.m
    Elgin Barrow Arena, 43 Church Street South
  2. Culture Days
    Sunday, September 30, 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.
    Richmond Hill Central Library, 1 Atkinson Street