Cosmo Music Invites The Community to Support High Notes Avante's Music for Mental Health

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Starting on Monday, May 7th, Cosmo customers will be invited to add $2 to their in-store purchase. All of these funds will be donated to High Notes Avante Productions for their musical therapy, gala events, and outreach.

About High Notes Avante Productions

High Notes Avante Productions Inc believes music and words have the power to create social change, inspire, empower and give hope to those touched by mental illness.

Their "image-raising" events feature world-class performances and speakers, and showcase the lives and talents of artists and personalities who are living good lives despite having an existing or past mental health challenge. They aim to erase stigma, educate, create community and save lives by encouraging others to reach out and also share their stories.

Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. If one in five people are affected and we all know someone who suffers, we should show the same compassion and respect for those affected by mental illness as for those affected by physical illness.

Their events are therapeutic for those affected and an eye opener for the community at large.

For more information about High Notes Avante Productions, please visit their website