How to Fund Your Retirement Dreams!

1 min to read

Janine Purves, CFP, CPCA, CCS Senior Financial Advisor

Assante Capital Management Ltd.

Retirement!  We’ll all be there 1 day.   What will yours look like?  Have you even considered the life you want to lead? 

We all have visions of the commercials that show us the elegant resorts, the perfect couple (who always look too young to be officially retired by the way), the ideal golf swing.  Whatever it looks like to you, do you know how you will get there.  Is there a gameplan; timeline? 

We all have the dreams.  We just don’t all have a way to fund them.  Recently, I’ve come across the best way of helping my clients to fund these dreams.  And it’s called The Cashflow Plan

How does it help?  It provides a comprehensive written plan including specifics on your personal spending based on a customized process that allows a Cashflow Specialist to work with you to help meet those goals. 

Who does it work for?

  • You making a good living, but wonder if you have enough to show for it.
  • Your current strategy is all about product, not about your plan.
  • You are committed to funding your dreams, and willing to take steps to get there.

How do we do it? 

1)      Complete a Cashflow.  This special spreadsheet outlines your current spending, and provides a base of how to proceed.

2)      Review your priorities and identify the dreams you want to fund.  By identifying your top priorities for the short-term and the long-term, we can identify a structured cashflow plan to help ensure your dreams are met.

3)      Enjoy.  Following our quick and easy plan means that you will save money and get ahead.  By focusing on your priorities, and stopping the money leaks, your life can be more fulfilled and so you enjoy the journey, knowing that the destination is truly achievable.

In fact, by making small changes now, you can enjoy life and have more over the long-term.  Small changes can make a world of difference, but it starts with you.                           

We have never been trained to manage money.  There was no cash-flow course in high school, yet it’s critical to all our success.   So, by using a foolproof plan, hiring the coach to help you get there, you are on the road to success before you know it. 

So, get started by going to and requesting the Cashflow Spreadsheet.  We will send the tool to you within 48 hours.  After a 15 min. telephone review, we can assess if we have the right tools to put you on the track to financial success. 

Retirement.  It’s at your doorstep.  Will you be ready?