Municipal Election: Let's start thinking about who we will elect

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In less than three months we will have elected a new municipal council.  We need to start thinking about our choices. This past Friday was the last day to file nomination papers.

So, our choices are:


  • Dave Barrow – he has been the mayor since 2006
  • Mino Tari – long time resident but not a great deal of community activity
  • Abu Alam – he was a 2018 provincial candidate for the Aurora Oak Ridges Richmond Hill riding
  • Susan Korman – not yet known
  • Ali Noorzi - not yet known

Regional and Local CouncillorTwo will be elected.  You can vote for two. The current regional councillors,  Brenda Hogg and Vito Spatafora, are not seeking re-election.

  • Jason Cherniak – long time resident, lawyer practicing in Town, very active with Board of Trade and Rotary. 
  • Carmine Perrelli – he had put forth his name to run for mayor but then switched to this position shortly after it was announced that the incumbents weren’t running.  Last election he lost in the Mayoral race.  Before that he had been a Ward 2 councillor. 
  • Carol Chan – currently a school trustee
  • Ramin Faraji –  new to politics, grew up in Richmond Hill, creating a sustainable community is an important part of his platform.
  • Sabine Ho – a well educated and diversified business person involved in a lot of charitable work
  • Murtaza Bhujwalla – not yet known
  • Joe DiPaola – former councillor, ran unsuccessfully for this position in 2014

There will be one person elected for each ward.  Click here if you are not certain what ward you live in.  You can only vote for the ward councillor in the ward that you live in.

Ward 1

  • Greg Beros - incumbent. 
  • Carol Davidson – former CTV host
  • Lidia Kafieh – sought election in 2014, recently took early retirement from Air Canada.
  • Trifon Haitas – ran in last election

Ward 2
Last election there were 9 candidates. The vote was very close last time and probably will be this time!

  • Tom Muench – incumbent.
  • Michael Aziz – first time running. a younger candidate. Works in government. 
  • Scott Thompson – first time running; retired, currently sits on the Committee of Adjustment
  • Mike Rajbar - not yet known
  • Keith Menezes – ran last time. Came in 5th

Ward 3

  • Castro Liu –  proclaimed!  Good on him!!

Ward 4

  • David West – incumbent. Was appointed for one year in 2013 and then successfully was elected for the last term
  • Bob  Aurora – not yet known
  • Michael D’Amelio – not yet known

Ward 5

  • Karen Cilevitz – incumbent
  • Mahnaz Shahbazi – first time running, owner of Shiraz restaurant
  • Nick Papa – previous Ward 5 councillor
  • Nima Shahi – not yet known

Ward 6

  • Godwin Chan – incumbent
  • Julie Maxey – ECE teacher

We were to elect a York Region Chair but that got cancelled by Premier Ford.

We also elect school trustees.  There will be more on that later.

Please do a little research. Google them. Look at their web sites.  Talk to your neighbours.
The candidates will be out knocking on doors and at events.

I will send questions to each candidate and present their responses for you to compare.
There will be a series of ElectionFests organized by the Richmond Hill Board of Trade.
The Tuesday morning Connecting the Community meetings will provide opportunities to hear responses to candidates in October.  Details to be announced.  

Ask yourself  - “What makes a good leader?”

What qualities do you want your elected representative to have?

Here’s my list.  It is a compilation of my thinking about it and googling

1.       Honest/ethical/having integrity/ possessing a strong moral compass

2.       Articulate/good communicator

3.       Intelligent/wise

4.       Informed and engaged in the community

5.       Will represent the entire community not just a subgroup

6.       Giving of themselves/hard working/committed /reliable

7.       Educated/understanding of budget process and role of government

8.       Empathetic /kind/caring/compassionate/respectful

9.       Strong social skills/works well with others/can delegate and empower/inspirational

10.   Confident but not condescending or arrogant

11.   Innovative thinker/creative/flexible/looks for the common ground

12.   Good at making decisions, including consulting with stakeholders/analytical/sees the bigger picture

13.   Accountable/takes responsibility

This quote sums it up:  “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.”  Douglas McArthur

Although we do not want a council of just white, middle aged, men, we should not be voting for someone because they look like us – same culture, religion, gender or age.

Subsequent Municipal Election newsletters will be sent.  Please let me know if you have specific topics that you would like to see addressed. [email protected]