Theatre Ontario Festival comes to Richmond Hill, May 15 to 19

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The Curtain Club is proud to be the host community theatre group for the 2019 Theatre Ontario Festival.

They will be working with their colleagues at Theatre Ontario and the Association of Community Theatres – Central Ontario.

Theatre Ontario Festival 2019 Honorary Chair is Richmond Hill-born actor RH Thomson.

There will be four shows, Wednesday, May 15, Thursday, May 16, Friday May 17 and Saturday May 18 - all at 8 pm on the main stage of Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. 

Each show is the winner of one of the 4 regions of community theatres:

  1. Greater Toronto Area and Central Ontario
  2. Northeastern Ontario
  3. Eastern Ontario
  4. Southwestern Ontario

The judging is still  happening. Two of the performances only have been decided.  Click HERE for updates.
The Curtain Club will not enter since they are the host.  They will have enough to do and also, many of us will have seen that show! Hundreds of people bought the tickets right away.  They are not waiting to see what the shows are.  The feeling is that they will be good shows!

Many out of Town guests are expected.  For those of us in Town who enjoy live theatre, it would be a good time to invite that sister from downtown up to Richmond Hill, or the aunt in Muskoka, or the old friend from Kingston........

Ticket prices: $100 for the Package of four plays, $27 for single tickets, and $35 for the Awards Luncheon. 
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