Richmond Hill Farmers Market at the Elgin Barrow Arena

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Culture Days at the Burr House - a collaborative effort with the Historical Society and Concert Band

Lots & lots to see and do!! No admission charge.

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The Theatre is Open!!! 5th Annual Open House, as part of Culture Days in Richmond Hill

The Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts will be hosting its 5th annual Open House.

This free event for the community features live music, children’s zone, food samples and more!

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Journey Begins ~ Live music and art installations, in a forest and kettle lake setting

Discover contemporary music and art installations in a forest and kettle lake setting. Taste delicious local sweets!

Offered in partnership with Art in Migration.

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Sunday Soirée at Hesperus Village

Aren't we human beings a marvel?! How quickly we adapt and embrace a new season - new resolves for school, for work, for life, - with holy days and feast days and one of our semi annual equinoxes we relegate the summer of 2018 to our memories.

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Richmond Hill Board of Trade's Business at Breakfast, at the Curling Club

Come for a morning of breakfast, networking and a chance to learn more about the Richmond Hill Curling Club.

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Richmond Hill Garden & Horticultural Society Monthly Meeting: Guest Speaker: Lorraine Johnson Topic: Edible Native Plants, City Farmer

Author Lorraine Johnson’s presentation will focus on native plants that are both beautiful and delicious, providing food for us, as well as for local wildlife like birds and insect pollinators.

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