Prioritize eye health to maintain a healthy and independent life

Many believe vision loss is an inevitable part of ageing, with very few strategies available for prevention and treatment.

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4 Paths to Happiness. Why even the rich and famous take their lives. Thoughts by Manisha Melwani

American chef, TV celebrity and author Anthony Bourdain, and highly successful fashion designer Kate Spade—two celebrities who seemed to have everything going for them, shocked the world with their suicides back in June 2018. 

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125 Years of Slovak Immigration to Canada ~ an exhibit at the Heritage Centre

The first major wave of Slovak immigrants came to Canada in the early 1800s as pioneers to work the land, railroads and mines.

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York 9 FC Unveils Stadium's Plans for 2019 and Beyond

What can be said, without dispute, is Canadian Premier League matches will be played in an array of unique stadiums, designed or modified to maximize the soccer experience.

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5 financial frights and what to do about them. Financial planning tips from Sun Life

1. You're afraid fluctuating markets will wipe out your retirement savings

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Lots of Holiday Children Programs at the Heritage Centre

Plan on some fun time with your children in anticipation of the holiday season at the Heritage Centre, 

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Natural disasters and extreme weather—why? By Manisha Melwani —Teacher, Writer and Speaker

A sudden tornado in Ottawa area last week, hurricane Florence in the US Carolinas, raging wild fires in California, super typhoon Manghut in the Philippines and China, tropical storm Lane in Hawaii, earthquakes in Mexico, Venezuela and Indonesia,

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Handbell Choir Seeking New Members

The Bells of St. Matthew’s are looking for members this fall. 

This is a small, but dedicated, Handbell Choir.  

No experience necessary. 

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