What You Can Expect When You Work With This Naturopathic Doctor By: Dr. Nicole Roberts, Naturopathic Doctor

Whether you have had experience with a Naturopathic Doctor before, or this is your first time considering seeing one, I think it is important to lay out the way I work to heal patients.

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Call for nominations for the Bert Hunt Heritage Award

This award acknowledges outstanding contributions to the preservation of Richmond Hill’s past and efforts to raise awareness about the value of that past to the community and its citizens.

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A new Rotary Club is starting up?


  • 2nd & 4th Wednesdays
  • 11:45 to 1:15
  • Leslie & 16th

For more information please contact David Obadia and [email protected] 

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Emotional Investing ~ some thoughts by Janine Purves, Assante Wealth Management

After many years in the investment industry, one topic that continues to interest me is the “psychology of investing”.  The theory behind this helps identify how we all act in different investment situations, and how we p

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Do you love the sounds of the Pipes and Drums? Would you like to join a community Pipe Band?

The Richmond Hill Centennial Pipe Band is looking for pipers, drummers & students!

They offer free drumming and piping instruction
Practices are every second Wednesday night at Boynton House (Richmond Green)

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Healthy Eating for Healthy Eyes

Do carrots really contribute to keeping our eyes healthy? They sure do!

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How to Fund Your Retirement Dreams!


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The Facts About Computer Vision Syndrome

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