2018 Municipal Election: Ward 2 Candidate - Michael Aziz

Richmond Hill
416 399-6009


Authentic. Experienced. Passionate.


Some perspectives from Michael:

Why do I want to be your Ward 2 councillor?

Richmond Hill is home. I will serve Richmond Hill with integrity and a wholehearted dedication to improving our community. I will do this by bringing my energy, skills, and knowledge I gained from my experience working in government. I have a long track record of serving our community and it is now time that I serve you in a professional capacity, as your Ward 2 Councillor.

What will I focus on during my first four years?

Serving you will be my priority. I am driven by my desire to address your concerns and make sure you enjoy living here peaceably and enjoyably. I will do everything I can to keep you informed. I will advocate to improve conditions for housing affordability. I will develop more community-friendly neighbourhoods. I will enhance services for the most vulnerable in our community - including youth and seniors.

Michael is passionate and experienced in community relations, public policy, and politics. He is a tireless advocate who works to improve community and government engagement. He is forward thinking with a strategic mind that delivers results.

Currently, he is a policy advisor at the Ministry of Housing, and has 10 years  of experience in government and politics, successfully leading teams and implementing government programs. Michael’s experience in government includes intergovernmental relations, immigration, municipal affairs, housing, health, and social services​

Michael’s passion for politics and good governance stems from his years as an undergraduate and graduate student studying Political Science at York University, where he tirelessly advocated for students as part of organisations on campus. It was there that he learned how to build and maintain strong and meaningful relationships, negotiate and represent the interests of community groups, and establish partnerships to advance common goals.

To Michael, Richmond Hill is home. He moved from North York in 2003 and has lived in Ward 2 for the past three years. He has been mentoring youth for the past 10 years at a local church community, and is now co-director of a youth program mentoring over 150 youth. When he is not with youth - which is rare - he is attending town council proceedings. He also volunteers at a number of homeless shelters, and has previously volunteered at Habitat for Humanity, and CHATS (Community & Home Assistance to Seniors) in Richmond Hill.

Specialties: leadership, public policy, strategic planning and partnerships, stakeholder relations, government relations, event planning, community engagement, and account management. 

When not at work: Michael is learning languages, traveling, learning music, playing soccer, mentoring youth, or enjoying a book while drinking an espresso at a local coffee shop.





416 399-6009